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The Journal of Military History, October, 2011

” a first-rate study that is part history, part counterinsurgency theory, and part predictive analysis… The North Caucasus is a complex and bewildering ethnic and cultural mix that is hard for a foreigner to understand. Robert Schaefer has done much to overcome this through his thorough research and balanced approach. His history of the region and the post-Soviet phase is especially well done. This is definitely a good book and well worth reading. Although the author is military, it is a pleasant read and does not have the alphabet soup of acronyms that is too common with military writers… I strongly recommend this book  to students of insurgency, counterinsurgency and history. There are already several good books out there on Chechnya. This one joins that group.”


Economist Review


Published April, 2011

“A remarkable book … Col Schaefer’s book does a fine job in summarising the breadth and depth of the conflict, and making the latest military thinking about insurgencies accessible, while steering clear of polemic or bias. This book tells you a lot about the Caucasus. And also about the brainpower assets of the American military.”