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Chechnya to host Russian Cup Soccer Final

Unknown Unbelievable. So last week the Russian Football (Soccer) Association fines the Chechen team and cancels games at the stadium because of one of Kadyrov’s outbursts and safety concerns. Now it’s safe enough to host the Russian Cup Final? Just another part of the Information Operations Campaign to “prove” to everyone how safe Chechnya is and what a lovely place it’s become since Putin and Kadyrov took control. Read full story here:–sow.html


Kadyrov’s Village Burning

8189765 Part of Kadyrov’s Village has caught on fire. For years now, Kadyrov has pushed an ambitious reconstruction plan – partly as a way to “prove” that Chechnya is stable, and partly to keep employing fighting-aged men and keep them from joining the insurgency (the blue-collar effect). However, almost all of these beautiful buildings are plagued by poor materials and shoddy workmanship. Read full article here: